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13. Juni 2007
FASA hat zum Taktikshooter Shadowrun ein Update veröffentlicht indem einige kleinere Probleme behoben wurden. Gleichzeitig kündigt man bereits ein weiteres an, das sich Fehlern widmen soll die im offiziellen Forum bereits mitgeteilt wurden. Ein Datum ist allerdings noch nicht bekannt.

Hier die Orignal Message:

Hey folks,
As we've mentioned before, the team's working on a number of title updates for Shadowrun. The first one should go live within the next day or two.
The first update will be very limited in scope. Here's what's on the menu:
1) Addressed a problem with viewing Shadowrun in the Games Explorer on the Vista versions for Portugal and Finland.
2) Fixed an issue involving removing the controller while playing on Vista.
3) If you lose your connection to LIVE while playing on Vista, the UI behaves correctly now.
1) Fixed a hard lock that can occur when a player signs out of a profile on 360.
2) Fixed a hard lock that can occur after starting a bot match in Chapter 4 of the training.
3) Fixed an issue that affected voice-over in the Italian 360 version.

- Fixed a small memory leak that could affect performance and stability in some situations.
The second update will be more meaty and address many of the known issues listed on the Technical Issues forums here. We will post detailed notes when the update gets closer to release.
Stay tuned for news of additional updates. A big thank you to those of you who've worked with us in identifying and tracking issues in the wild - your help and patience are very much appreciated.
Lead Program Manager, FASA Studio
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